Getting Started



One of Plateia Market’s primary goals is to be the simplest place to start selling your products. This page is intended to guide you through the process of becoming a vendor at Plateia Market and to answer some commonly asked questions.

What Do I Need to Get Started?

There are only two documents that are required from every vendor:

  1. A Copy of Your Insurance Certificate
  2. A Completed Registration Form

Insurance will be required at every market including Plateia. A copy of your insurance certificate will be sent to Plateia’s insurance company and a copy will be kept on file. For policies of a year or longer, try Campbell Risk Management. They specialize in providing insurance for farmers markets and farmers market vendors.  For short term policies, try www.theeventhelper.com.

The registration form is used to simplify the process of becoming a vendor at Plateia Market. It’s a one-page document that provides basic information for contacting you and evaluating your fit at Plateia Market. Don’t worry, there are only a few categories of product which cannot be sold at Plateia for legal reasons.

When you have completed the registration form and have a copy of your insurance certificate; send them to plateiamarket503@gmail.com. You’ll receive a reply promptly, there are no long waits for getting started at Plateia.


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